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Thus, a Short Overview of New York

Hence, the main core of New York is Manhattan. This area is densely populated and is considered a major and vast commercial, financial and cultural center. It also comprises of the Empire State Building and the Central Park.


Some of the Popular Flights to New York

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The Best Time to Visit New York

Nevertheless, every city has its best time to visit. The best time for New York City is from April to June and September to early November. At this point in time, the weather is warm and pleasant. Even the tourist crowd is not too much. One should visit on weekends from mid-January to the end of February to avail the cheapest time in New York.


The Best Places to Stay in New York

Thus, there are also many places where one can stay in New York. The Midtown West is the best place to stay for First-time visitors

Things to do: One can see the Times Square, Broadway, Columbus Circle, Ticket booth, Bryant Park, Cruise Ship Terminal and more.

Pros –  Nevertheless, It makes the stay in New York easy. It’s perfect for those who want to indulge in sightseeing. There are hotels in the NYC Theater District which make it simple to see the Broadway shows.

Cons –  Thus, here one will find busy streets, this area is always congested. In fact, the hotels here can be very bright due to the shiny billboards outside. Thus, if you’re a light sleeper, think of another place to stay!


The Midtown East – Best Area for Sightseeing

Things to do: Nevertheless, One is surmounted by many historic places like the Rockefeller Center, Patrick’s Cathedral, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, New York Public Library, Radio City Music Hall and more

Pro’s –  Hence, this place has a lot to see and do! It’s the best place to be if one is spending only two to three days in New York. In fact, it is perfect for sightseeing. The neighborhood is also quite tempting for unearthing places like Koreatown and Little Brazil

Con’s –  Thus, there is a lot to see, but with that comes a lot of food and traffic. This area is particularly crowded a lot during holiday seasons, and can be pretty expensive when it comes to hotels, food, and the food joints!


Lower Manhattan – Best Place for Tourists Who are Light Sleepers

Things to do – Thus, here one can take a visit of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Trinity Church and more

Pro’s –  The good part about this area is that one will have quiet nights and weekends here. This place is also perfect for those excited about history.

Con’s –  Hence, this area is extremely busy on weekdays with the locals heading to work in the Financial District. The walk to the subway ride is around 15 to twenty minutes if things go smoothly.


Upper West Side – Best Place for Families

Things to do – the highlights of this place are Lincoln Center, Central Park, Riverside Park, American Museum of Natural History and more.

Pro’s –  Nevertheless, this area is enthused with green space and there is also the Central Park and Riverside Park here. It has many famous markets, restaurants, and shops!

Con’s –  Thus, since this is a residential area, one faces less nightlife.


The Best Food and Culture in New York

Thus, apart from the staying one also needs to learn about food and culture.

Bagels at Absolute

This has the best bagels. Neverthess, They are warm, chewy and delicious! Many people come from all over to have their bagels. Thus, looking to chew on some nice bagels? This is the place to be!

Breakfast at Buvette

A lot of people love to come to Buvette for breakfast on weekdays. This so because on weekends it can be pretty crowded. Many people like to try their multi-grain toast with smashed avocado and the yogurt with muesli.

Pizza at Artichoke Basille’s

This place is one of many peoples favorite street joints. It’s opened until late. Thus, it is so loved that there isn’t much place to sit. However, the pizza slices are huge, tasty and homemade.


Transportation in New York

Thus, New York, no doubt is a crowded city and to travel from one place to another can become a problem. There are many ways by which one can roam around New York


Taxis are seen as a convenient way to travel in New York. Hence, they are metered and the fares start from $3. The fare keeps increasing as the distance increases. Hence, many people take taxis.


There are about 6,000 buses in New York which end up covering about 322 routes. Thus, the buses are categorized as local or express. The fares are $2.75 for standard buses and $6.50 for express buses. One can pay in cash or by MetroCard.


This is the most popular way of getting through. The MetroCard fares are $2.75 while the single tickets are $3. The fares don’t depend on the distance and there is no zone system. Here one can go as far as they want on their single ticket. Apart from the popular above ways one can also travel by ferry, rail,  cycle it to their destination or best of all walk the distance and be healthy!


Nightlife in New York

Thus, we all know that New York is seen as the city that never sleeps. Hence, there are many places to go visit the nightlife in New York

House of Yes

This is a brilliant place to spend your night. It has many exciting and unique events. These include roller disco parties, deep house yoga, and magicians performing! “ I was very happy when I visited the house of yes. It was quite mesmerizing”

Black Flamingo

This isn’t an ordinary night club. It is located in Brooklyn and is very famous for its pink flamingo cocktail stirrers and its dance parties! It also has an upstairs restaurant which serves nice food.


Here there are only good vibes. Here there is various kinds of music and has many clients from all over. In fact, when one comes here they feel refreshed and appear to be at an extraordinary platform that is new and unique! The above is just a start to New York’s nightlife. This city that never sleeps has many more nightclubs like Trance-Pecos, Bossa Nova Civic Club and more!


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